Abbeystowe Challenger Clash


25 – 26 MAY 2024

Featuring Teams from Australia and New Zealand


General Information

The Abbey Challenger is an official Buhurt Competition in Moreton Bay, Australia hosted by Team Vultures and the Abbey Museum of Art & Archaeology. This 2 day Challenger Tournament is recognised as an official international event with Buhurt International, and will include the following competitions:

12 vs 12 Men

5 vs 5 Men

3 vs 3 Women

Free for all Men

Free for all Women


A licenced bar and Medieval Food selections will be available to purchase.


Some roving entertainment will keep your spirits high while you enjoy the clash.


Try your hand at our Archery range when you’re not watching the combat.


Full List of Events Coming Soon

DAY 1 - Saturday 25 May

Hosted at Abbeystowe, in the Joust arena.

Further details to come.

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DAY 2 - Sunday 26 May

Hosted at Abbeystowe, in the Joust arena.

Further details to come.

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What is Buhurt?

The name originates from the Old French word “béhourd’ which means to “wallop”. Tournaments and buhurt gatherings are held all around the world, but the sport is most popular in Europe. Those brave enough to take part aim to knock down their opponent, using blows and various mixed-martial arts takedown techniques.

Buhurt Rules

As an internationally recognised sport, there are rules in place for scoring and judging the winner.

Read the official Buhurt International Rules

History of Buhurt

Buhurt was a popular form of combat in medieval Europe, particularly during the 14th and 15th centuries. Knights and armored warriors would engage in these battles, showcasing their strength, skill, and bravery.

During this period, buhurt served multiple purposes. It was a means for knights to train and hone their combat skills, allowing them to become more proficient in the art of war. Buhurt also provided a spectacle for audiences, often taking place at tournaments and other public events. These battles allowed knights to demonstrate their prowess and gain recognition for their valor and martial abilities.

The rules of buhurt varied across regions and time periods, but the core objective remained the same: defeat the opponent or force them to yield. Participants wore full armor, including a helmet, gauntlets, and body protection, to ensure their safety during combat. Weapons such as swords, maces, and polearms were used, and fighters often employed various techniques and strategies to gain an advantage.

While buhurt waned in popularity as the Middle Ages gave way to the Renaissance, the sport experienced a resurgence in recent decades due to the efforts of historical reenactment enthusiasts. These dedicated individuals sought to recreate the authentic experience of medieval combat, drawing upon historical sources, manuscripts, and artwork to develop accurate techniques and equipment.


Children under 5

Children 4 years old and under are free but are not recommended for this event and must not occupy a seat. 

Can I compete?

As a formally recognised sport, this competition is only open to members of Buhurt teams. For more details visit the Australian Medieval Combat Association

Can I bring an animal?

For the comfort and safety of visitors, performers, staff and volunteers, animals are not permitted to be brought into the Abbeystowe site, with the exception of service animals, such as certified assistance dogs and police dogs.

You will be required to show registration papers at entry for any assistance and certified dogs.

Can I bring a Weapon?

We are not permitting weapons of any sort to be brought to this event. The main reason being that this event is a spectator only event and guests will be seated in the grandstand for large portions of the day, in close proximity to other guests.

For the safety and comfort of all guests, we therefore have included in our restricted items for this event, any item that could be used as a weapon or replica weapon be left at home for this event.

Can I wear a costume?

Feel free to come dressed in costume, but consider your comfort.

As a spectactor event you will be viewing the combat from the grandstand, and your neighbours may not enjoy a view of any large headpieces or pokey objects beside them. You’ll want to wear something you can be seated in comfortably. The event is Medieval period inspired.

Is Parking Available?

Free Parking is available on site


A limited amount of accessible seating is available. Please contact the organiser to book accessible seating.

Companion Cards

Due to seated capacity, Companions are required to purchase a ticket.


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